Albert (Laila's partner, pronounced "AL-BAIR") is first controlled by Zofis. He is not able to talk unless he is reading a spell. After the Stone of Moonlight is destroyed, it was revealed how strong Laila and Albert are. In episode 78, Albert seems to know what's going on with Laila even though he has not completely awakened. His quote in school is "School is kinda of boring anyway" which hints that he is quite intelligent, but doesn't really like school. When freed by Penny, he seems to remember what happened before that, making it seem the book had to be burned after the Stone Of Moonlight was destroyed in order to remember. Near the ending of the manga, during Zatch's battle with Clear, Albert is seen looking at a cresent moon possibly remembering Laila.

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Albert is a 14 year old who is taller than Kiyo. He has golden-blond hair and wears a blue jacket with a white shirt, matched with jeans and brown shoes.

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