Boru Bora (ボルボラ Borubora) and Henry Abbolt (ヘンリカ・アボット Henrika Abotto) are an ancient mamodo team who early fights Zatch, along with Erujo and Dogmos. Boru Bora is an owl like mamodo masked with a horned helmet. His spells are based on Metal, but they're the same spells Maruss has. He doesn't speak words except "boruboruboru" when he charges at foes. He was turned to stone by Goren of the Stone 1,000 years ago. When Boru Bora was released from the stone tablet, he was filled with rage and hatred. He was led by Penny upon his release to fight against Zatch. Erujo and Dogmos went through the same event. During the fight, Boru Bora took all of his rage out on Zatch and Kiyo who were nearly powerless. Tia and Megumi entered the fight and replenished Kiyo's energy with a new spell. When Boru Bora used his strong spell, Tia used another spell that created a barrier trapping Boru Bora inside and sending his attack back at him, causing a great amount of damage. Tia finishes him off by using Saisu at his spellbook which burns and makes him vanish. Penny panics and pounds on his book to stop him from disappearing but it does no good.

Henry is a brainwashed human, which the unique thing known about him is that he has a daughter, but in her birthday when he gone buy her present, Zofis brainwashed him to fight with Boru Bora. (episode 56) Right after Dogmos book gets burned, he wakes up and comes back to his senses. Henry's japanese voice is provided for Satoshi Taki.

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