Dogmos (ドグモス Dogumosu) and Paul Kahn (ポール・カーン Pōru Kān) are an ancient mamodo team who is early defeated for Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine. Their spells are based on Earth, but a few are the same as Eshros. Dogmos is unic seen fighting Zatch and Tia, along with Boru Bora and Erujo; but both him and Boru Bora got their books burned. Paul Kahn is man which was brainwashed for Zofis. His country of origin is unknown, except by the fact that seems to be very distant of Japan. Paul's Seiyū is Hitoshi Bifu. When they're first introducted; Penny is leading an attack to Zatch and Kiyo, along with him, Boru Bora and Erujo. During the fight, Dogmos holds Zatch to the final hit, but Zatch ends up escaping of his hands. Boru Bora's book is the first to get burned, and after Bao Zakeruga's power is released, Dogmos too get his book burned, and Paul is free of getting his mind controlled.

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