Furigaro (フリ ガロ, Furigaro) and is a team whose element is frost/ice. They make a brief appearance in the anime and manga, having frozen a whole town in Germany with their spell "Raja Freezudo" despite the season over there being summer, proving that their frost attacks are, indeed, quite powerful. They were confronted by Brago and Sherry and managed to wear Sherry down slightly. Gerhart uses "Scape Gishield", which is negated by Brago's "Ion Gravirei". Gerhart then chants "Lagikor Fang", which launches an ice wolf from the ground, which almost succeeded in damaging Sherry but Brago blocked it, causing his arm to be torn off. The attack causes smoke to rise, which Brago uses as a diversion to get near to the duo, finishing them off with Gigano Reis. Furigaro appears to aid Zatch in his final battle with Clear and is one of the hundred mamodo that sent a letter to their bookkeepper. One month after Zatch becomes king, Furigaro is shown in the library with Zabas, Robnos, Momon, Kido, Zaruchimu and Sugino.

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