Jobin (ジョビン) and Yuga (ユーガ Yūga) are a minor ancient mamodo team who only appears twice in the anime. Their spells are based on Ice, same as their unic spell hasn't the name revealed (but probally is Gikoru). Yuga is a woman which mind is brainwashed for Zofis, and got freedom after Brago burns his book. Their japanese voices aren't known. On their first seen, they're trying to stop the intruder from advancing on the Devolo Ruins, but are defeated. One their next and last appearence, they're seen trying to defeat Zatch right after Pamoon's book got burned, but Brago appears and burns his book, along with the remaining ancient mamodo.

  • Yuga's hair color change from episode appearences (first seen: Gray and next seen: Black).

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