The Majestic Twelve (マジョスティック・トゥエルブ), also known as MJ12, is a league of American superheroes apparently led by Dr. Riddles. They are seen at various points in the series, and although they seem to have great powers, they are mostly shown as humorously incompetent at fighting, preferring to use riddles and confusion to defeat their opponents (though this is only in the anime; there is no indication in the manga that their powers are not all they are portrayed as). The Majestic Twelve are shown to have a certain degree of respect for Dr. Riddles, which is demonstrated when they try different ways to cheer him up after Kid's book is burnt (though all plans fail miserably). They are named after the purported secret committee of American scientists that supposedly investigated UFO incidents in the Truman era

The Members Editar

Lightning Eye

Rocket Foot

Flying Beat

Second Sight

Dinosaur Arm

Future Wonder

Psychic Jungle

Fire Elbow

Lady Susan

Blizzard Thing

Tremor Mole

Telepathy Radar

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